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extremely limited, heirloom pieces.

“if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.”

your life is boring. collcetor's-15.jpg

your life is boring.

from 995.00
the wild is calling. let us go. collcetor's-1.jpg

the wild is calling. let us go.

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coastal collcetor's-2.jpg


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frosted tips collcetor's-3.jpg

frosted tips

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veins of the earth collcetor's-4.jpg

veins of the earth

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Man in Kashmir collector's-17.jpg

Man in Kashmir

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stormy waters collcetor's-11.jpg

stormy waters

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golden in monochrome II room nat frame-17.jpg

golden in monochrome II

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wild collcetor's-9.jpg


from 995.00